What They Say

"Fiona is one of radio’s lovely people, a great co-presenter. She can bring any link to life and she always comes up with strong, original and relatable content.
She is great fun to work with. But be warned, if you do an OB with her in the cold, she will nick your gloves!"

Mark Grinnell, Editor, BBC Devon


"Fiona is obviously very gifted with children and created huge fun in my kitchen with Fox and his cousin Phoenix. Both were riveted by her visit.
They loved making the spinach pesto and Fiona’s fresh fruit and veggie juice – but also slowing down to taste and savour different foods that they might not ordinarily have tried."

Alice Temperley, Fashion Designer.


“To be honest, Fiona’s food was as much enjoyed by the adults in eating it as the kids in cooking it.
Her Pea and Lime dip is amazing (Freya and I both were agreed on that)! It was a fantastic way for Freya to celebrate her birthday.”

Donna Air, Actress and Model.


"You did a great job today - thank you so much Fiona"

Raymond Blanc OBE, Chef.


"Fiona is a delight to work with. Professional, meticulous and so enthusiastic and passionate. Her recipes are created with thought and care for the parent and child, and are of course, delicious. On camera, she is natural - warm, friendly and engaging - with both children and her audience".

Jo Wooderson, Editor, Morrisons magazine.