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Monday Morning Health Kick

There are whole hosts of books devoted to the overwhelming health benefits of including more garlic in our diets (and yes, that includes kids). I’m no expert (or nutritionist), and doubtless you’re already well aware that garlic is a powerhouse ‘superfood’ if ever there was one.

Egg Nog Cupcakes n Sauce

I was so excited about creating this recipe that I ACTUALLY GOT UP EARLY BEFORE THE KIDS to make it. You may well have already sussed that originally these were due to be regular iced-up cupcakes.

Egg Nog


Blogging 2 days in a row – but hey it’s Christmas.

Boxing Day Burgers

Makes 6.

Now come on - it wouldn’t be Christmas without ‘leftovers’ ideas. Though if my husband has anything to do with it, leftovers really aren’t an option…

Brussels Sprouts Polenta Chips

Serves 4-6

I love sprouts, I love polenta – so for me, this is a no-brainer. Not only that, but I once used (a variation of) this recipe – successfully - with a chips-addict nine year old who claimed to “hate all veg – especially greens!”

Swede, Chilli & Sage Soup

At this time of year it seems you can’t move for ‘winter warmer’ soups of various (but usually familiar) description: Spiced Butternut Squash / Honeyed Roast Parsnip / Carrot and whatever... it’s high time surely to give swede a good crack of the blender, no?


Checkout my Pumpkin Pie 'Pecan Crumbles' Recipe.... in miniture. They are very good.

The Regulation of Motherhood.

“You need to get blogging – everyone’s at it!” my Technical Genius friend @tony_collins told me. “I’ll create some space on your website…” And there the ‘space’ loomed for weeks (you may have noticed?) Blog Coming Soon! Crikey – the pressure.


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