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Egg Nog Cupcakes n Sauce

I was so excited about creating this recipe that I ACTUALLY GOT UP EARLY BEFORE THE KIDS to make it. You may well have already sussed that originally these were due to be regular iced-up cupcakes.

Egg Nog


Blogging 2 days in a row – but hey it’s Christmas.

Boxing Day Burgers

Makes 6.

Now come on - it wouldn’t be Christmas without ‘leftovers’ ideas. Though if my husband has anything to do with it, leftovers really aren’t an option…

Brussels Sprouts Polenta Chips

Serves 4-6

I love sprouts, I love polenta – so for me, this is a no-brainer. Not only that, but I once used (a variation of) this recipe – successfully - with a chips-addict nine year old who claimed to “hate all veg – especially greens!”

Swede, Chilli & Sage Soup

At this time of year it seems you can’t move for ‘winter warmer’ soups of various (but usually familiar) description: Spiced Butternut Squash / Honeyed Roast Parsnip / Carrot and whatever... it’s high time surely to give swede a good crack of the blender, no?


Checkout my Pumpkin Pie 'Pecan Crumbles' Recipe.... in miniture. They are very good.

The Regulation of Motherhood.

“You need to get blogging – everyone’s at it!” my Technical Genius friend @tony_collins told me. “I’ll create some space on your website…” And there the ‘space’ loomed for weeks (you may have noticed?) Blog Coming Soon! Crikey – the pressure.


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