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JUBILEE Cuppa Tea Cupcakes – with British Strawberries and ‘Cream’

I dont know about you but when I lie back and think of England I think it's all about a nice cup of tea. So in celebration of the Jubilee I've jumped on the STREET PARTY!! DIAMOND JUBILEE FOOD!! wagon and created this recipe.

Summer 2012: Travelling With Kids Whilst Keeping Your Sanity

So the countdown is on – we’re off to the award-winning* Daios Cove in Crete very soon (please don’t hate me; it’s literally been FOUR LONG years since we did a proper abroad family trip like this).

Having said that….CHECK OUT THE POOL! That lounger on the near side – that has my name all over it. I’m going to channel my inner-Jo Lo. If only my thighs felt the same.

Rose & Violet Marshmallows

Alternative name if I’m making these with kids: Turkish Disco Delights…which I actually prefer ;-)

These are a bit of a show-stopper and would be a lovely homemade end-of-term gift for teacher – or equally impressive petit-four to serve dinner guests with a little artisan loose-leaf tea.

Off-Set The Indulgence Chilled Green Soup

Everything you need to know about this is in the ingredients. Yes it's health food – but properly tasty too (albeit with a bit of a kick from the onion and garlic).

Nonetheless it was what we all just had for lunch (kids included).

Sweet Potato & Nutmeg Summer Scones

Makes approx 25


450g self-raising flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp ground nutmeg

150g caster sugar

100g unsalted butter

100 ml milk

Approx 300-400g cooked sweet potato - mashed (a job for a child to do?)


1. Preheat the oven to 220°C. Place greaseproof paper on two large baking trays.

When snacking goes bad...

So kids who drink large amounts of fruit juice as part of their 'five a day' could be damaging their teeth, dentists have warned.

Dental erosion, which is irreversible, can be caused by fruit acids attacking the surface of those milky whites.

Well, I hate to say – BUT… I told you so.

Fussy Eaters: in sickness OR in health…

“Women who have a varied diet in pregnancy may be less likely to have a child who is a fussy eater” – or so a new study says. Naturally, when Mr F pinged me the link to this, I was all ears.

The Great Hide-the-Veg Debate

I read this week that a supermarket is about to start stocking white broccoli, grown by farmers in Lincolnshire. This, it says, will appeal to fussy-eating kids as the white stuff tastes sweeter than the green stuff – and of course, it isn’t green (Number 1 Food Crime of ALL the Food Crimes – well, according to the many little tikes that I meet, and work with).

Kid-friendly Gazpacho

In the dead of winter – I know!! But there’s method to my madness…

If you fancy the warming comfort of chicken soup when you have a cold, be my guest. But if you feel yourself coming down with a cold (big difference: your immune system is still in with a chance of fighting it) then you need to get a bit more serious.

Monday Morning Health Kick

There are whole hosts of books devoted to the overwhelming health benefits of including more garlic in our diets (and yes, that includes kids). I’m no expert (or nutritionist), and doubtless you’re already well aware that garlic is a powerhouse ‘superfood’ if ever there was one.


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