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5 Ways of Re-thinking School Dinners (and a huge thumbs up for Martha Payne)

NOTE: I first published this article with the fantastic – do sign up – it’s a great site. For some reason, my hyper-links aren’t working here (and Head of IT – Mr F – isn’t around to fix the prob) so for now I’m copying and pasting the links below each para. Laborious I know – but the stories I mention make for interesting reading.

JUBILEE Cuppa Tea Cupcakes – with British Strawberries and ‘Cream’

I dont know about you but when I lie back and think of England I think it's all about a nice cup of tea. So in celebration of the Jubilee I've jumped on the STREET PARTY!! DIAMOND JUBILEE FOOD!! wagon and created this recipe.

Summer 2012: Travelling With Kids Whilst Keeping Your Sanity

So the countdown is on – we’re off to the award-winning* Daios Cove in Crete very soon (please don’t hate me; it’s literally been FOUR LONG years since we did a proper abroad family trip like this).

Having said that….CHECK OUT THE POOL! That lounger on the near side – that has my name all over it. I’m going to channel my inner-Jo Lo. If only my thighs felt the same.

Rose & Violet Marshmallows

Alternative name if I’m making these with kids: Turkish Disco Delights…which I actually prefer ;-)

These are a bit of a show-stopper and would be a lovely homemade end-of-term gift for teacher – or equally impressive petit-four to serve dinner guests with a little artisan loose-leaf tea.

Off-Set The Indulgence Chilled Green Soup

Everything you need to know about this is in the ingredients. Yes it's health food – but properly tasty too (albeit with a bit of a kick from the onion and garlic).

Nonetheless it was what we all just had for lunch (kids included).

Sweet Potato & Nutmeg Summer Scones

Makes approx 25


450g self-raising flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp ground nutmeg

150g caster sugar

100g unsalted butter

100 ml milk

Approx 300-400g cooked sweet potato - mashed (a job for a child to do?)


1. Preheat the oven to 220°C. Place greaseproof paper on two large baking trays.

When snacking goes bad...

So kids who drink large amounts of fruit juice as part of their 'five a day' could be damaging their teeth, dentists have warned.

Dental erosion, which is irreversible, can be caused by fruit acids attacking the surface of those milky whites.

Well, I hate to say – BUT… I told you so.

Fussy Eaters: in sickness OR in health…

“Women who have a varied diet in pregnancy may be less likely to have a child who is a fussy eater” – or so a new study says. Naturally, when Mr F pinged me the link to this, I was all ears.

The Great Hide-the-Veg Debate

I read this week that a supermarket is about to start stocking white broccoli, grown by farmers in Lincolnshire. This, it says, will appeal to fussy-eating kids as the white stuff tastes sweeter than the green stuff – and of course, it isn’t green (Number 1 Food Crime of ALL the Food Crimes – well, according to the many little tikes that I meet, and work with).

Kid-friendly Gazpacho

In the dead of winter – I know!! But there’s method to my madness…

If you fancy the warming comfort of chicken soup when you have a cold, be my guest. But if you feel yourself coming down with a cold (big difference: your immune system is still in with a chance of fighting it) then you need to get a bit more serious.


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