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What makes a holiday... a holiday?

As many of you know, in 2012 I partnered with Scott Dunn in creating a set of children’s menus for their rather fabulous Explorers clubs in the med.

How to eat...

I originally wrote this blog for The Childrens Food Trust

I’ve talked at length about the kinds of foods I feel schools should offer – but what about how these foods are served?

Dear Zoo...

I rarely have cause to visit Camden these days, having spent a vodka-soaked few years there while working at MTV (and by work, I mean chatting up pop stars and holding ‘meetings’ at Bar Hawley. #Sigh… the good old ‘90s…back when bosses didn’t care and Spice World ruled…)

Why mums SHOULD do the washing up this Mothers Day…

Ok, give me five minutes to explain this one…

What your wife really wants for Christmas…Part 2

So from spa in the city to another city altogether…

A friend had tipped me off about a new bar and restaurant in Chelsea called Honky Tonk. “It’s like a little bit of New York has landed in London” is how she described it to me. And so it was.

What your wife really wants at Christmas…Part 1

Adding to the many gift guides, do and don’ts – primarily aimed at the archetypal ‘clueless British male’ –I’ve just returned from the most terrific gals night out which prompted an equally terrific conversation en route home (likewise a gift idea if you still haven’t figured out what to buy your wife).

A Bit of Cornish Magic

Ok, three reasons I love Fowey Hall:

Greek Honeysuckle & Rose Cake

Makes approx 20 slices

Prep Time: Approx 10 minutes

Cook Time: Approx 30 minutes

Inspired by my recent trip to Crete, this is my own version of its traditional revani cake (my kids re-named it –and now I wish I had roses in the garden to add to the pic… ah well).

Basically it’s a tray-bake – but beautifully light in texture.

What all the cool kids are doing this summer...

My husband teases me relentlessly about my scrap-booking habit. One of my office drawers is precariously packed with various fat folders, full of tear-sheets – articles I have loved; recipes I want to cook; books I want to read. I know – I should join pinterest.

My Greek Odyssey...

Returning home from Crete last month I peered over my shoulder at three sleepy heads in the back of the car, and asked my children “so…what was the best bit?”

“The apple pie flavoured villa!” came one reply.
“Making a movie at Scott Dunn Explorers!” came another.
“The friends we made!” was the final vote.


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