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Manchester - my ultimate tip sheet

Three years ago I headed to Manchester for a book signing. It rained, the hotel was drab, and the food worse (then again I didn’t really know where I was going...) I thought I’d give it another chance – so strap yourselves in for my Top 10 hidden gems (a separate foodie article to follow).

10. Chetham's Library

Magic in a bottle?

Is it me or has beauty blogger Zoe Sugg sprung up from nowhere?

I've got a secret

NEWSFLASH: Ribby Hall Village’s 2015 Short Breaks & Holidays Brochure is now available. Book before 31 October & SAVE up to £100 off Your Next Holiday. Click here to view the new brochure online.

Half Term Hideaway!

Postscript: this review first appeared Dec 2013 but is on my half-term hideaway hotlist! Spa Days are from £55 per person

My favourite kitchen gadgets for Christmas!

I recently went to a @guardianmasterclass on starting up a food business and was utterly taken with the completely gorgeous Kara Rosen – founder of Plenish Cleanse.

E is for evil? The surprising truth about E numbers

This article first appeared in the June 2013 issue of Delicious magazine (UK edition)

If you’re under the impression that E numbers, those mystery ingredients we all struggle to decipher on food labels, all need to be filed under ‘E’ for evil, it may be time to reconsider.

Gorgeous Gidleigh

A few years ago I went on a travel writing course where travel-writer clichés were discussed at length, culminating in us ripping apart a stack of articles in a competitive round of Cliché Bingo.

‘Mecca’ (um, guilty)

‘Steeped in history / romance / [other]…’

‘Hidden gem’

Lavender Ice Cream

Serves 6-8

Just up’ing the quantities from the previous Lavender Lollies blog….

Note: this is a total cheat’s recipe – so you don’t get that totally smooth, creamy texture. Then again (it cuts both ways) neither do you have to stand there creating chef’y custards / sieving…whisking…blah blah blah.

Lavender Lollies

Makes 4 small lollies (double the quantities as you wish)

Inspired by my recent visit to Scott Dunn’s Pine Cliffs resort in Portugal – this place was heaving with lavender bushes – so beautiful and fragrant.

What makes a holiday... a holiday?

As many of you know, in 2012 I partnered with Scott Dunn in creating a set of children’s menus for their rather fabulous Explorers clubs in the med.


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