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There's something about The Grove...

Seven or eight years ago The Grove was the place to stay in London. Except it isn’t really London, it’s Hertfordshire (shh, don’t say Watford), just minutes from the M25 (but you really wouldn’t know it).

Manchester - my ultimate tip sheet

Three years ago I headed to Manchester for a book signing. It rained, the hotel was drab, and the food worse (then again I didn’t really know where I was going...) I thought I’d give it another chance – so strap yourselves in for my Top 10 hidden gems (a separate foodie article to follow).

10. Chetham's Library

Magic in a bottle?

Is it me or has beauty blogger Zoe Sugg sprung up from nowhere?

I've got a secret

NEWSFLASH: Ribby Hall Village’s 2015 Short Breaks & Holidays Brochure is now available. Book before 31 October & SAVE up to £100 off Your Next Holiday. Click here to view the new brochure online.

Half Term Hideaway!

Postscript: this review first appeared Dec 2013 but is on my half-term hideaway hotlist! Spa Days are from £55 per person

My favourite kitchen gadgets for Christmas!

I recently went to a @guardianmasterclass on starting up a food business and was utterly taken with the completely gorgeous Kara Rosen – founder of Plenish Cleanse.

E is for evil? The surprising truth about E numbers

This article first appeared in the June 2013 issue of Delicious magazine (UK edition)

If you’re under the impression that E numbers, those mystery ingredients we all struggle to decipher on food labels, all need to be filed under ‘E’ for evil, it may be time to reconsider.

Gorgeous Gidleigh

A few years ago I went on a travel writing course where travel-writer clichés were discussed at length, culminating in us ripping apart a stack of articles in a competitive round of Cliché Bingo.

‘Mecca’ (um, guilty)

‘Steeped in history / romance / [other]…’

‘Hidden gem’

Lavender Ice Cream

Serves 6-8

Just up’ing the quantities from the previous Lavender Lollies blog….

Note: this is a total cheat’s recipe – so you don’t get that totally smooth, creamy texture. Then again (it cuts both ways) neither do you have to stand there creating chef’y custards / sieving…whisking…blah blah blah.

Lavender Lollies

Makes 4 small lollies (double the quantities as you wish)

Inspired by my recent visit to Scott Dunn’s Pine Cliffs resort in Portugal – this place was heaving with lavender bushes – so beautiful and fragrant.


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