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What a difference a week makes

The children and I were recently discussing the different reasons people go on holiday and how there might be a range of reasons depending on whether you're a kid or an adult. Paul and I have recently been feeling stressed, super tired, and in need to.just.stop.

A lot of love for my new toy

And a Happy New Year to all!

Ditch Disney and come here this summer!

I didn’t want to go camping.

I didn’t have the best childhood experiences and even ‘glamping’ has always seemed pointless to me (if it’s that comfy, why not just go the whole way and book a hotel?)

For south west honeymooners everywhere...

Nearly everyone I talk to about accommodation near Bristol airport moans about not being able to find anything decent. I have to say that up until now I’ve agreed. We all know of the chains and there are indeed a good few B&Bs (though I find these hit and miss). There’s even a gastro pub or two (with rooms).

A totally memorable experience...

South Lodge is part of the charismatic Danny Pecorelli’s Exclusive hotel group. Even though I’ve never met Danny (@Foodhero) I like his ethos and think he deserves the praise and accolade he’s achieved over the years.

Bucks best open secret

I’ve always found Buckinghamshire to be distinctly lacking in decent places to stay. Danesfield House however might have just changed that.

A true hidden gem - and in London of all places

I think I've just found the perfect London hideaway.

The Orange in Pimlico has been on my radar for a few years and while technically it's a pub with rooms, in reality it feels more like an elegant B and B - with a classy bar and well regarded but no fuss restaurant.

Farmers Market

Looking for romance..?

Increasingly I’m thinking that a long weekend somewhere closer to home has as much romantic appeal as somewhere beach’y, far-flung and exotic. I’m trying hard to avoid words such as ‘mini-break’ and ‘staycation’ but to be honest, this is the terrain we’re headed to.

If you do ONE thing for your kids this Christmas...

A favourite from last Christmas. And I hope to bring you another theatre review soon!

There's theatre and there's theatre. Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of am-dram and generally speaking don't have an appetite for anything that could be described as 'kids entertainment' (perhaps ironic considering what I do).

I’ve got news!

I’m thrilled to announce my latest collaboration – with Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort and Hotel , a resort that appears to have barefoot luxury all sewn-up.


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